Before the customer specs out the home, we

  • Conduct a site evaluation to determine if the home desired will fit on the lot or whether a better style or configuration should be selected.


  • Have the lot professionally surveyed to ensure that set-back requirements are met.


While the  home is being built in the factory, we are getting prepared for its delivery by

  • Working with the community or development regarding utilities, existing water and irrigation lines and set-back requirements.


  • Working with the municipality on permits, elevation, flood zones and other local requirements that will impact the home.

Once the home is set on the lot, we

  • Make sure the home is being prepared properly regarding plumbing, electrical, skirting and air conditioning/heating.


  • Work with vendors on the add-ons, such as carports, garages, screened rooms and utility sheds, to make sure they are professionally engineered to meet today's standards.

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