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Great Value

Let's talk about pricing. You want the lowest price possible for the best home possible. Absolutely! But beware, as many dealers will state a very low price and it doesn't include everything that you need to put a home on a lot. The old adage is right: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Commission structure. We make our commission on the base home; if a home buyer adds any extras such as granite countertops, wood floors, upgraded windows or additional tile in the bathroom, the buyer pays the manufacturer's cost. Period. Not a dime more. In addition, our price is turnkey--everything is included such as carport, air conditioning, electrical and plumbing and even permits and surveys. There are no surprises.

Many dealers will quote the base home but then not explain or include all of the costs that are required to properly place and set up the home on the lot. Did you know there is as much work completed at the lot as is completed at the factory?

Once you have the home's specifications, we will give you a detailed price list that shows what the home will cost. You will know exactly what the home costs prior to ordering. Don't purchase a home without the final price in writing.

Finally, let's talk subcontractors. As everyone knows, there are excellent craftsman and there are those whose work isn't of the best quality. We use skilled, experienced craftsmen who do excellent work and provide customer service after the sale. You want all aspects of your home to be permitted and completed properly by quality contractors.

Don't Forget. You must pay 6% sales tax on your home. On a $120,000 home, that is $7,200.  Don't forget this expense when doing a cost estimate. Also, will the home be in a flood zone or in a coastal county where the home must be built to  Wind Zone III? Important questions that add costs to the home.

Building a custom-built manufactured home is an exciting experience. Just be sure you're using an experienced dealer to guide you through the process. 

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