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Why would I want to purchase a new home?

New manufactured homes have amenities that are often not found in an older home, such as vaulted ceilings, bedrooms with baths, walk-in closets and open concept living/dining/kitchen areas that are so desired today. New homes offer the latest technology and current construction standards--all with a five-year, wall-to wall, floor-to ceiling warranty!

How much does a new home cost?

Much of the cost of a new home depends on the size of the home and the items that you choose to upgrade, such as cabinets, appliances and flooring. Porches and sun rooms also add costs.

Depending on these items, a new home can run from approximately $100,000 for an upgraded two bedroom/two bath 1,008 square foot home to approximately $150,000 for an upgraded three bedroom/two bath 1,568 square feet home. A good rule of thumb is $120 per square foot for a top-of-the-line home with upgrades.

Are there any other requirements?

Depending on the community or municipality, you usually are required to have a carport and shed attached to the home along with skirting around the home. Plumbing and electrical hook-ups and air conditioning/heating units will also be added after the home is placed on the lot. These and all other items to make your home move-in ready will run approximately $50,000 and are already included in the estimated price quoted above!

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