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Modular Vs. Manufactured?

A modular home is constructed in a factory using conventional home floor joists and delivered to a site on a trailer or flat-bed truck.

The delivered home may be in the form of panels that are pre-cut and assembled on site or may be pre-built and delivered in one piece. The home, panels or pre-cut panels are lifted from the trailer and attached to a permanent foundation.

A modular home may be single or multi-storied and are built to state and local Uniform Buiding Codes, which are the same standards as any other site-built home.

Both modular and manufactured homes are often built in the same factory. Typically, any manufactured home design can be built as a modular.

A manufactured home is a single or multi-section home built in a factory on a permanent frame, such as a steel undercarriage or chassis, with a removable transportation system (hitch and wheels.) 

The unit is permanently attached typically using piers and tie-down strapping and is subject to the 1976 federal standards established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Manufactured homes are typically placed in mobile home communities while modular homes are placed on individual lots within a municipality.

Most manufactured home models can be constructed as a modular. 

To see the specific differences in construction, click this link.

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